Online Roulette Labouchere System

There are many different ways that players can choose to bet on roulette. They can place small bets on even odds bets to slowly build a bankroll, or they can take bigger risks by placing larger bets on single numbers in the hopes of a huge payout. Another strategy involves incrementally increasing bets. The Labouchere system allows players to attempt to make up for money they lose in earlier bets with bigger bets on the back end.

Setting Up the Labouchere System

To begin with, a player establishes his or her bankroll or how much money he or she is willing to bet on the game. Then the player will write down a series of numbers. It can be the numbers 1, 2, and 3, or go all the way up to 10, but shouldn't go much beyond that. Then to calculate the bet, the player adds the first and last number together. That sum will then be placed as a bet on an even money bet such as red or black.

Winning or Losing

If the player wins the bet, the numbers in the list are crossed off, and the remaining numbers inside the sequence are used to determine the next bet. If the player loses the bet, he or she adds the wager to the end of the sequence and uses that new number to calculate the next sum and wager. This system encourages the player to increase the bets on each loss, while maintaining a respectable bet following any wins.

The Labouchere strategy can help a player make up for any losses without breaking the bank. The player should always cease betting when he or she reaches the end of the bankroll.