Online Roulette Wheel

The classic roulette wheel has become an icon of Vegas and Monte Carlo style gambling. It speaks to an exciting and elegant experience as players test their luck at the most unpredictable of casino games. Now that many online casinos offer roulette games, anyone can discover that same feeling of luxury and risk that has become a part of the roulette experience.

Easy Betting

Online roulette is one of the easiest gambling games to learn. There is a simple wheel with 38 red and black spaces. A single ball is rolled onto the wheel as it spins, and when it stops, that space into which the ball lands is named a winner. Players can place their bets on specific numbers, on either red or black, or on entire blocks of numbers, hoping that the ball will land on their space and win them lots of money. The winner is always straightforward, and the game moves quickly, so players who are looking for a quick and easy game often enjoy online roulette.

How it Works Online

Most online casinos use a random number generator to pick where the ball will land, making the game entirely one of luck. Players can place their bets on a simple interactive screen, either clicking on the exact space where they think the ball will land or using a betting table to place more complicated bets. Winners are instantly rewarded, so there's no need for players to determine the payout when and if they get a lucky bet.

Playing the classic roulette wheel game online can allow players to feel some of the easy excitement that comes from playing roulette in the casino, all without ever leaving their homes.